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Soothe [Jun. 2nd, 2006|11:48 am]
Fast Fiction Friday


[Current Location |Keystone City, KS]
[music |No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys]

Green tea. I was told it'd help me relax. Keep me from getting so damned stressed out. Maybe somebody could explain why I black out and wake up covered in blood every single time I have a cup?

I'd gone to the doctor last year. I'd been feeling generally ill and finally broke down and got his advice. "Too much stress." "You need to relax." "Drink green tea." Some advice. I walked out of his office, a little pissed at having paid him for that. Whatever. Too late now. On my way home, I went into this small shop down the street from my apartment. An odd little place. Sold a lot of "magic" supplies to some local Wiccans and organic foods for the growing group of people who just HAD to have alfalfa sprouts that had been grown without coming into contact with even the slightest hint of fertilizer. They had amazing coffee beans, though. I stopped in every Tuesday to pick up a fresh pound or two of beans. Figured I'd try the tea a shot.

I chose the first box I saw. There was a panda on it. Yeah, I felt more relaxed already. I paid, told Harv I'd see him on Tuesday, and went up to my apartment. Damn neighbor was blaring 'The Wall' again. I dug around the cabinets in the kitchen for a few minutes. I had a kettle in here somewhere. Found it. I gave it a rinse in the sink and boiled a few cups of water. I sat down and sipped my tea.

Then, nothing. I came to in the exact same place, but with blood spattered all over my body. 'The Wall' had stopped. I had no idea what happened. I freaked out, running to the bathroom to check my body for cuts. Not a one. I showered and changed. I wasn't going to bother washing my clothes. I tossed them in a paper grocery sack and walked into the hall. Police tape across the next apartment's door. I didn't even think. I just went to the basement and threw the bag into the incinerator. That was the first time.

Soon after, that annoying bartender at O'Shay's was found in the alley behind the building. A few door-to-door salesmen. And two Mormons who knocked on my door at six a.m. I tried to stop drinking the tea. Really, I did. Then I'd come home from a bad day at work, fix a cup, and everything got a little better. I know I shouldn't. I know it's a horrible thing. I want to stop.

But my boss has been getting on my nerves lately...